Caterham Valley Parish Council

As a Parish Council, we are the level of government that is closest to the community.

The most common topics that we get involved with are planning matters and campaigning for and delivering better services and facilities.

We have only limited powers to make decisions ourselves, but we are able to negotiate with, and influence organisations that do make the final decisions, and those organisations know that as your Parish Council, we can best reflect how a community feels about something and our views are taken seriously.

Caterham Valley Parish Council meets at the Caterham Valley Library, Stafford Road. Please see calendar or noticeboards for time of meetings. All meetings start with an opportunity for public questions.

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Links with district, county, and other Parish Councils

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Surrey County Council

CVPC works closely with Surrey County Council, consulting with them and negotiating on local matters pertaining to:

  • education
  • transport
  • planning
  • fire and public safety
  • social care
  • libraries
  • waste management
  • trading standards

Surrey County Council

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Tandridge District Council

Tandridge DC consults us on every planning application in the Parish, although we do not normally comment on small applications which only affect the immediate neighbours. If you want us to take your views into account on any application, please contact the Clerk in good time before our meeting on the second Wednesday of each month.

Tandridge District Council

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Neighbouring Parish Councils

CVPC liaise regularly with our neighbouring councils: Caterham-on-the-Hill, Chaldon, Whyteleafe and Woldingham about various matters. Of particular importance is our collaboration on the local neighbourhood plan, which is used alongside the Tandridge Local Plan, for day to day and strategic planning decisions.

Caterham on the Hill Parish Council

Chaldon Village Council

Whyteleafe Village Council

Woldingham Village Council

CCWNP – Caterham, Chaldon, and Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan

Council Business

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Parish News

There’s a lot going on in Caterham Valley. Come back here regularly to see what’s happening that involves your Parish Council.

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Caterham Valley Parish Calendar

Find out what is already on the Caterham Valley Parish Council calendar this month and next month.

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Your council undertakes a wide variety of activities, such as providing public benches, hanging baskets and christmas lights.

We are able to give grants to local bodies and community projects.

We maintain local notice boards and erect signposts.

Councillors represent the Parish in various public duties.

Read more about Caterham Valley Parish Council Activities

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Council Finance

You are entitled to see how the Parish Council is spending your money so you can click here to view annual accounts, receipts, payments and budget plans.

Click to view Parish Council finances

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Planning Committee

The Parish Council Planning Committee plays a crucial role in providing democratic and transparent decisions on sometimes controversial issues.

The committee considers applications at its meetings and makes representations to Tandridge and to Surrey. The Planning Committee also considers major local and regional planning issues, and planning policy matters.

Click for planning committee documents