• How is intheknow Surrey and Sussex publicised as residents in Tandridge are not aware of it

In terms of Tandridge promotion the Surrey Police Corporate Communications Department have been running a number of Facebook adverts targeted to accounts within the borough and will continue to do so. They included a borough specific leaflet in the Council Tax mailing which went to approximately 40,000 households (attached). They are also looking at how we can partner with Fire and Rescue in order to enable them to add people to InTheKnow when they do their house to house safety checks.

PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) are also encouraged to be adding people that they engage with. Currently there are 844 users on In The Know within Tandridge.

  • A resident reported that a crime number is only issued if a property owner reports an incident otherwise a P number is issued.  David was not aware of this and was going to look in to it.

In order for a substantiated allegation of crime to be recorded on Niche (crime recording system) Surrey Police need confirmation from the victim that a crime has occurred. This is in line with Home Office Counting rules. This will not mean that a neighbour reporting will not receive the appropriate response from the police. Subject to the type of incident the police will still deploy and manage the incident based on THRIVE (Threat, Harm, Risk, Investigation, Vulnerability, Engagement) but will record it differently based on the circumstance.

  • Traffic speeding to Wapses Lodge Roundabout is going to cause an accident.  Is there anything which can be implemented to resolve this.  David considers this is more of a Surrey Highways issue.

 I have been informed that over the last five years there have been 20 RTCs (road traffic collisions) at this location, 19 have been slight with one serious and no fatal accidents. Based on professional interpretation of this data by the Surrey Police Road Safety Manager and knowledge of RTC hotspots across the county this has not been identified as a location of concern and wouldn’t therefore attract additional police activity. Activity must be prioritised based on previous occurrences, their severity and level of risk. It has therefore been suggested that any concerns should be raised with Surrey Highways.