Our Neighbourhood Plan is the second largest in the country, covering 30,000 people.  This plan seeks to influence the future of the area in which we live and work.  To achieve this, 29 policies have been created under the following topics.

Location of development:  to ensure development is in the right place

Housing:  to ensure a supply of the right types of housing within the area

Design and Heritage:  protect the character areas and the green spaces

Local Economy:  encourage high value business opportunities

Natural Environment:   retain and enhance our special landscape

Leisure and Community:  improve and enlarge our leisure and community facilities

Health Care:  enlarging services, including Caterham Dene

Transport and Movement:  to lobby for better public transport and organised parking

Infrastructure and Utilities:  we will continue to pressure for improvement of all public services

The focus of the Neighbourhood Plan Examiner, Jeremy Edge, at the Hearing will be on Housing and our analysis of Housing Need.  This is because, from Tandridge’s own records,  we have emphasised how much additional housing the NP area has made space for in recent years and the ‘beneficial’ impact this has had on Tandridge District’s Housing Numbers.  In addition, he wants to look at why we have specified certain Green Spaces in order to give them an added level of protection from development.

Please note this is an Examination in Public. This means that contributors will be restricted to the Neighbourhood  Plan Steering Group and specific invitees, mainly those who have expressed reservations about aspects of our plan. Members of the public will not be allowed to speak. However, this is our only opportunity, before the plan is put to Referendum, to show there is substantial public support behind what we are trying to achieve.

Therefore, we need residents to come to the Public Hearing in order to make sure the Examiner fully understands the weight of local feeling on the important matters our Neighbourhood Plan seeks to address.

For further information visit www.ccwnp.org.uk

Or contact Jeremy Webster, Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee on 07725 818629 or clerk@ccwnp.org.uk  or Mary Mountain on marymountain2@outlook.com

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